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 Factor with Northwest!

Accounts Receivable Financing Programs

 You Control The Cost

When cash is needed, you simply select from current accounts receivable invoices  and you can receive 80% of the value that same day. Your cash flow problems are solved for as low as 1.0% of the face value of the invoice. You manage your cost of funding and get cash when you need it.

 No Minimums Or Commitments

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services that we do not require long term commitments or volume commitments. The Problem with Minimums: You will be locked into a long-term commitment with volume minimums whether you are satisfied with the services or not. Your only escape is to pay additional fees.

 Reserves Refunded Quickly

When invoices are collected the reserves (less fees) are deposited into your account normally once a week. We know you need the cash flow and do our best to get your reserves back to you as soon as possible. Bottom line: you need to factor less because you get your moneys back much sooner.

 Increase Credit While Working With Your Bank

We will work with your banker to increase your working capital when your credit is maximized during the high risk situations which do not allow your bank to fund you further.

 Additional Benefits

  • Same day financing. Moneys are deposited directly to your bank account.
  • Cash available on your customer’s (account debtor’s) financial strength.
  • Competitive Rates.
  • Weekly computerized activity reports and Collection assistance provided.

 Program Qualifications

  • Product or service has been shipped, completed, and accepted.
  • Companies selling to commercial accounts such as manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing, or service organizations.
  • Companies unable to qualify for conventional financing.


  1. Submit a schedule with invoices listing the accounts for approval.
  2. Northwest will qualify invoices and verify the transactions (professional techniques are used to do this without disturbing your customer relationships.)
  3. Upon completion of Northwest processing, we will deposit to your company's bank account (normally) that same day!

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